3d render, 2022

Intersect is a proposed public installation at Astor Place that aims to disrupt the constant flow of pedestrians in the plaza. As I observed the space at different times, I noticed how lighting, weather, and other factors influenced the way people
moved through the area. During snowfall, people became more aware of their surroundings because they had to change from their normal routes to the path where the snow was cleared. With my installation, I hope to convey a similar feeling by placing triangles that interrupt people's paths, forcing them to pay attention and become more aware of the space around them.

I selected this specific location as an inspiration installation: the warm-toned reflection near the café at Astor Place. I was intrigued by the way passersby's reflections interacted with the light, creating intersecting shadows as people walked quickly in different directions.

Through my installation, I aim to encourage people to slow down, take notice of their surroundings, and interact with the space in new ways. By disrupting the usual flow of foot traffic in the plaza, my installation will inspire people to engage with the environment and each other in unexpected ways.

232 Visions for 2032
Midjourney, 2023

Domeaza, 2021

Collaboration with
Ethan Alejo and Yuxi Zhou
Domeaza is an installation proposal that aims to blend the themes of developing technology such as artificial intelligence with the theory of transhumanism and nanotechnology. With the expeditious advancement of mechanization, humans are now able to extend their life spans with medical procedures as well as enhancements and extensions of the body. With the incorporation of basic sensory experiences such as sound and light merged with the complex design models of holograms and artificial intelligence, Domeaza frames a simulated interactive user experience. This project aims to evoke the moral dilemma between artificial intelligence and human nature as well as the relationship with technology use. Are we controlling the technology or are we being controlled by self-regulated artificial intelligence?

IG Column, 2021
3d render
IG Column is a digital sculpture that reflects on how social media has become an integral part of our lives. It's a place where we search for and crave social validation, often leading to unrealistic standards. The concept of rating people through likes and followers and deciding who deserves the title of "influencer" reflects how we as individuals blindly follow rules to fit into society.
We drew inspiration from ancient relief sculptures like Trajan's Column for this project. It's fascinating how carved figures can tell stories relevant to their era. Similarly, our Instagram posts, like relief sculptures, reveal stories about ourselves. We decided to recreate these sculptures with a modern twist, enabling people to materialize phones and social media. What was once a flat screen now tells a different story. You can feel your feed, posts, like buttons, and more.

Growing, 2023
3d renders
These are prototypes of a larger in progress project exploring the concepts of memory relating to the human body and nature.

Memory Space, 2022
3d renders, Photoshop
This was an exercise translating virtual spaces into physical experiences.

Mountains, 2023
3d render
Blender, Lightroom

Invisible Infinite, 2022

Fusion360 Render
Invisible Infinite is a proposal for a public art installation that aims to transform the architectural paintings of Daniel Mullen into a tangible, immersive experience. The installation reflects on the concept of space and how we perceive it.